How can we make you smile?

Dr. Harrington and his staff work tirelessly to provide state of the art orthodontics to all of our patients.  We recognize that you are seeking the absolute best care for you and your family and we pride ourselves on our honesty and the respect we give to each of our patients. We assure you that we will treat you like family, this is how we get our referrals, just ask! Here are a few reasons to choose our office and Dr. Harrington for your orthodontic needs:

Is your dentist a specialist?

Dr. Harrington completed additional training beyond the required four years of dental school. He trained 3 additional years to receive a master’s degree in orthodontics. He is recognized by the American Association of Orthodontists and limits his practice to orthodontics because he enjoys creating beautiful natural smiles for all of his patients.

Is the doctor board certified?

Dr. Harrington did complete the arduous examinations required to become board certified in his specialty. This is not required for orthodontists, however, Dr. Harrington believes it will keep him on the forefront of orthodontics.

Do you explain all of the treatment options that will pertain to each individual case?

Dr. Harrington strives to cover each treatment aspect in its entirety and involves the parents in making treatment decisions. Each patient is different and sometimes decisions must be made to accommodate that particular case.

Do you speak to the parents at every visit?

Dr. Harrington has a treatment conference at the braces placement appointment to outline the treatment after his thorough evaluation. An assistant will speak to each parent after the appointment to discuss hygiene and what was done that day. Dr. Harrington is always available for any questions.

Is the treatment tailored to each individuals needs?

Dr. Harrington completes a treatment plan on each patient.  No one treatment or “cookbook” approach will be used. Dr. Harrington and his staff work very hard to ensure that every patient receives an individually designed treatment to help get the best natural smile possible.

Does the doctor place all the brackets himself?

Dr. Harrington does place all the brackets himself – No Exceptions! He has been doing so for over 13 years and has it down to a perfection!

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