Temporomandibular Joint – Pain Dysfunction Syndrome

Over the last few years an increasing number of adults have entered our practice. While some have come to enhance the appearance of their teeth, most have visited our office through referral from other dentists, physicians or former patients for help in correcting such symptoms as headache, stiff or sore neck, shoulder problems, grinding of teeth, continual breaking of fillings, and clicking and popping of the jaw joints.

These may all be symptoms of TMJ disease and should be looked into at the earliest possible time to correct the problems before they get to an advanced stage and become more difficult or impossible to treat.

Normally, signs of TMJ disease are present with little or no discomfort, “just a click or pop of the jaw” or “tiredness” of the jaw. In addition, many people have suffered for years with headaches of undetermined origin. Many of these headaches can be cured or reduced to a large degree through a specialized treatment program. Treatment of these problems has, over the years, become a large and rewarding part of our practice.

To learn more please visit TMJ.org or ADA.org