Class III – Non-Extraction / Non-Surgical


Initial: This patient has spacing between the teeth and what appears to be a narrow upper jaw. From the side images you can see that the lower jaw is forward, however, the upper lip and nose relationship are pretty good.

Treatment: Damon Braces were placed on all teeth. Very soft wires were placed into the braces and the patient was instructed to wear light 2oz elastics between the top and bottom teeth. As treatment progressed the wires were increased along with the straight of the elastics to assure tooth movement and patient comfort. Final positioning of the teeth was accomplished in 21 months without extractions or jaw surgery.

Final: This patient has a beautiful smile without extractions and jaw surgery as a result of current technology. The patients profile was impacted. The lower lip no longer is as protrusive and the patient has a beautiful smile to last he life time.