Class II – Deep Bite, Adult


Initial: The front teeth look very flat with the canine teeth showing very prominently on each side. There is an excessive amount of overlap between the top and bottom teeth. In this patient the teeth are positioned off by an entire tooth. The upper teeth need to move backwards one tooth and the lower teeth need to move forward an entire tooth.

Damon Braces were placed on all teeth. A bite opening appliance was used on the backside of the upper front teeth (Bite Turbo). Very soft wires were placed into the braces and the patient was instructed to wear light 2oz elastics between the top and bottom teeth. As treatment progressed the wires were increased along with the straight of the elastics to assure tooth movement and patient comfort. Final positioning of the teeth was accomplished in 21 months without extractions or jaw surgery.

Final: This patient has a beautiful smile without extractions and jaw surgery as a result of current technology in bracket systems. The patients profile was dramatically impacted and the smile is what she had dreamed it would be. Note the change in the upper front teeth and the upper and lower jaw positions (this can best be seen in the x-ray of the side of the head).